Saturday, January 18, 2020

Makita and Rayovac Battery Pack Teardowns

It's once again time for everyone's favorite type of post!  Tool battery teardowns!  This week, I've got three seemingly identical batteries.  They've got the same connections, the same dimensions (except height - the center one is a smaller capacity pack), and so one would expect them to be very much the same on the inside.  Are they?

I assumed one thing going in, and was very much surprised when reality turned out to be something quite different!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

End of 2019/Start of 2020

Another year over.  Another year starting.  And this means yet another annual reflection blog post!

Or, in this case, "What the hell happened to 2019?"

I know the answer - he's about 18 months old and insanely active, but it still feels like the year slipped away without leaving much of a trace.  Just keeping up, not really making good headway on anything.  We had a lot going on, but keeping up with two kids took an awful lot more time than I'd anticipated.  But, I've still had some fun!