Saturday, May 28, 2016

Solar Shed: Part 3: Delivery

My solar shed saga continues this week with delivery.

As you may recall from Part 1, I got a 40% discount on this shed because it came as a whole unit instead of being assembled on site (it was a State Fair demo unit).

Last week, in Part 2, I built a nice level foundation for a shed to be placed on.

And now it's here! 

How, exactly, does one deliver a 3500 lb shed?  A flatbed.  A pickup truck.  A couple guys who know what they're doing.  And some fascinating manipulation.

Because I take photos of everything, you'll want to keep reading to see how this shed went from the back of a flatbed to my foundation!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Solar Shed: Part 2: Foundations

Syonyk's Solar Shed (really, any shed) needs a good foundation.  Normally, Tuff-Shed will accept a surface that's within 4" of level, build it to the proper height with blocks as they're assembling the base, and call it good.  However, because I got mine as a full unit, they can't do that - I needed to provide a level base.

So, I set out to do this.  It also had to be quick, because I purchased the shed on a Tuesday, and it was being delivered Friday morning.

Which is to say, I turned a bare patch of earth into something like this.  In a hurry!

If you have no idea why I'm doing this, I suggest you read last week's post first.

Read on for details and an awful lot of manual earth moving.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Solar Shed: Part 1: Overview

The next posts from this blog are going to be a series of posts about what I'm calling "Syonyk's Solar Shed."

Syonyk's, because it's mine, both in ownership and design.  Beyond the base shed, all the design and labor are coming from me.  I expect a lot of labor to be involved.

Solar, because it's an off grid office powered by solar and battery.  Why off grid?  Keep reading to find out!

Shed, because it's based around a Tuff-Shed Pro Studio (which is still built like a shed).

This is the shed I'm using, before moving it to my property.

I'm going to be turning it into a small, efficient, well insulated off grid office for year round work!

Keep on going for a lot more detail.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Video Game Review: YIMBY Barrel Composter Assembly (FeelyVR)

It's rare that I sit down with some of the new tactile virtual reality video games ("FeelyVR"), but an evening a few weeks ago, I had time to play through "YIMBY Barrel Composter Assembly" by YIMBY.  I wired the headset up so I could take screenshots, and I had a tape recorder taking notes while I played through so I could do my writeup below.

This is one of the new "virtual reality with tactile feedback" games.  It's a pretty high resolution setup - check out the screenshots below!  I played it on a cluster consisting of a rack of 4U quad Xeon servers, each with 4 Titan Xs installed.  Total power consumption was absurd, but, the pixels were perfect!  Fortunately, the servers were in a soundproof room.

TL;DR: It really felt like I was actually assembling a composter!

Check out the reflections off the plastic and the shadows on the carpet from the completed unit!

Keep reading for the full review!