Thursday, October 22, 2015

TEC-02 Ver 3.0 Semiconductor Battery Tester

This is the first of my semiconductor based battery testers.  It's a TEC-02 Ver 3.0 unit.

I purchased mine on eBay as a 5V Lithium Li-ion LiFePO4 NIMH Battery Capacity Tester Voltage Detector Analyzer.  $11.58 shipped - not half bad for a semiconductor based unit!

As usual, I'm going to dive into translating the manual, then do some analysis on it.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

ZB2L3 v2.0 ZHIYU battery tester

I've got another battery tester to play with!  This tester is a ZB2L3 v2.0 by ZHIYU.  It's rated for a max of 15v, 3A, and 9999AH - so you can test your 12v lead acid batteries with it, if you care.

It looks something like this:

Mine came from eBay as a 1.5v~12v Battery Capacity Meter discharge Tester 18650 li-ion lithium lead-acid.  $7.98 shipped - not half bad!